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Best Selling Purity 99.99% 99.999% High Quality Copper(ll) Sulfide/Copper Sulfide (Cus) CAs 1317- 40-4 With Fast Delivery And Low High-Entropy Alloys

• Trade name:Copper(II) sulfide

• Origin:Shanghai, China

• Specification :99.99%

• Size:Customers' Requirements

• CAS:1317-40-4

• Mol file: 1317-40-4.mol

• Certificate:ISO9001, CE, RoHS, ISO14001


    • Molecular Weight : 95.612
    • Melting Point : 220 °C   
    • Shape: particle
    • Brand Name : Lonwin
    • MOQ: 1KG

    Products Usage

    Copper sulfide has a variety of uses in industry, including:
    Metal smelting: Copper sulfide is one of the main ores of copper, and copper metal can be extracted through smelting.
    Agriculture: Copper sulfide can be used as a fungicide and insecticide for plant protection and pest control in agriculture.
    Chemical industry: Copper sulfide can be used to produce pesticides, dyes, pigments and other chemical products.
    Electronic industry: Copper sulfide can be used to manufacture electronic components, semiconductor materials and electronic equipment.
    Anti-corrosion: Copper sulfide can be used as an anti-corrosion agent for anti-corrosion treatment on metal surfaces.
    In general, copper sulfide has important industrial uses in metallurgy, agriculture, chemical industry, electronic industry and corrosion protection.
    Our normal packaging is 25kgs/Drum
    The packaging can be customized. the shipping term can be by sea, by air, and sample or small quantity can be shipped by DHL, FEDEX, EMS and TNT.
    Remark: Chemical composition and size can be optimized by the customers' requirementsc38ad3ec4177333741d5b744f90d82dypl集装zs2
    Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilities
    Separated from ammonia, strong hydrogen peroxide solutions and strong acids.

    Safety Protection

    Precautions for safe handling
    Handling in a well ventilated place. Wear suitable protective clothing. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Avoid formation of dust and aerosols. Use non-sparking tools. Prevent fire caused by electrostatic discharge steam.

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