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A predictable Nobel Prize


This is an epoch-making revolutionary invention in the field of materials.

Neodymium magnets belong to rare earth permanent magnet materials and are also the king of magnets today. It was invented by Japanese scientist Sagawa Masato in 1982.

Widely used in electronic products, home life, transportation, high-tech and other almost all fields, usually many clothes bags on the magnetic buttons are also made of neodymium magnets.646e3de145ec053a690a46601fd1674.jpg

Neodymium magnets are used on a large scale in various instruments and equipment because of their strong magnetic properties, moderate price, industrial production and broad conditions of use, providing strong support for equipment miniaturization, portable and various high-tech technological innovation.

After decades of use, it is still the most idealized magnet in reality. The magnetic energy product of neodymium magnet is greater than that of shirt magnet, which is the largest magnetic energy product in the world today, that is, the strongest magnetic force. Before the invention of neodymium magnets, it was widely believed that samarium cobalt magnets were the strongest magnets, but neodymium magnets broke this record.

Therefore, neodymium magnets are considered a Nobel Prize-level invention!