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Factory Supply High Quality Agricultural Chemicals Pesticide Pest Control ThiameThoxam CAS 153719-23-4

• CAS NO: 153719-23-4

• Molecular Weight: 291.718

• EINECS: 428-650-4

• Chemical Name: Thiamethoxam

• Molecular Formula: C8H10ClN5O3S

• Mol File: 153719-23-4.mol

• Hs Code: 29341000


    • Vapor Pressure: 1.36E-09mmHg at 25°C 
    • Melting Point: 139.1 °C
    • Boiling Point: 485.8 ºC at 760 mmHg
    • Refractive Index: 1.725 
    • Flash Point247.6 ºC 
    • Storage Temp.0-6°C 
    • PKA0.99±0.10(Predicted) 
    • PSA115.02000 
    • Density1.71 g/cm3 
    • Appearance: white to off-white crystal 
    • Water Solubility: 4.1 x 103 mg l-1 (25 °C)  
    • LogP: 1.42220 
    • Exact Mass291.0192881


    Testing Item
    Standard: USP
    Off white columnar particles
    Content (%) 25.15%
    Wetting time 23s
    Fineness(%) Qualified

    Products Usage

    Mode of action Insecticide with contact, stomach and systemic activity. Rapidly taken up into the plant and transported
    acropetally in the xylem. UsesFor control of aphids, whitefly, thrips, ricehoppers, ricebugs, mealybugs, white grubs, Colorado
    potato beetle, flea beetles, wireworms, ground beetles, leaf miners and some lepidopterous species, at application rates from 10
    to 200 g/ha (R. Senn et al., loc. cit.). Major crops for foliar and soil treatments are cole crops, leafy and fruity vegetables,
    potatoes, rice, cotton, deciduous fruit, citrus, tobacco and soya beans; for seed treatment use, maize, sorghum, cereals, sugar
    beet, oilseed rape, cotton, peas, beans, sunflowers, rice and potatoes. Also for control of flies in animal and public health,
    such as Musca domestica,Fannia canicularis, and Drosophila spp.

    Package And Storage

    25kg/carton drum or as your requirements.
    Remark: Chemical composition and size can be optimized by the customers' requirements固体14m1固体2z7n

    Store the container tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Store apart from foodstuff containers or incompatible materials.

    Safety Protection

    Precautions for safe handling
    Handling in a well ventilated place. Wear suitable protective clothing. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Avoid formation of dust and aerosols. Use non-sparking tools. Prevent fire caused by electrostatic discharge steam.

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